I think I could crumble for fear of the future.


I don’t know what I’m trying to convey exactly,

I’m tired of feeling like the only lost one. I’m surrounded by others with goals and dreams and ambitions. And I wander. And I wonder. Am I the only one? Is no one else terrified? Everyone says that there’s time. They say to find what I love and then I’ll be happy. But I don’t love anything.  I don’t have any passions. And I hate feeling like a freak, a reject, a moron, for that. I think it’s normal. I think so many of us are lost but we’re too scared to say anything. But why? Does the whole mentality of “fake it ’till you make it” really work? I may be the odd one out, but I prefer to be honest rather than pretend to love something I care nothing about. Cameron gets it. At least he starred in a blockbuster 80’s film. All I’ve got going are some fringe bangs and a nose ring and a blog that gets a few likes on a good day. I think I need a friend or someone to come and tell me it’s okay and to make me believe it. Because all of the adults who have their lives together telling me – it’s not working.

“What are you interested in?”
“Me either.”


I write because sometimes I feel trapped,

by the expectations of others,

of myself.

I never feel like I’m enough except when I write.

Here, I am free to open my mind and explore the thoughts I’m too afraid to express to others.