things to remember

  1. Fresh fruits and flowers are the essence of summer.
  2. Be happy for others’ happiness.
  3. Actually do the reading for class, even if you don’t have a quiz. Show your professor respect.
  4. You are worth much more than you think.
  5. Spend money on dresses that make you feel pretty and food that makes you feel healthy. You can’t take anything with you, enjoy the smallest things.
  6. Stop texting boys who don’t matter. Save your thoughts and words for someone important.
  7. Write letters. Decorate the outside so that the person who receives them feels happy before even opening it.
  8. Read as many books as possible. But if you don’t enjoy the book, put it away. Your time is short and precious. Don’t finish books that don’t have an impact on you.
  9. Drink more water. It makes your skin pretty and is so good for your overall health.
  10. Don’t pretend you’re okay if you aren’t. Being sad or angry is not something to be ashamed about.
  11. But do be kind even when you’re upset.
  12. Cook as much as you can. Experiment. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with a really yummy treat.
  13. Try things that scare you. Usually those are the most exciting and best things for you.
  14. If someone comments that they like flowers or cookies or candles, try to find one for them. It’s good to act selflessly.
  15. Call your parents and your sister and your grandpa and your aunt who just got out of the hospital and actually listen to how they are.
  16. Don’t talk about yourself so much.
  17. Don’t talk badly about others.
  18. Delete facebook.
  19. Delete twitter.
  20. Delete snapchat.
  21. Delete social media that has negative results. If you use it to make yourself feel better or to make fun of others, get rid of it. It’s toxic.
  22. Watch foreign films and documentaries and listen to world music, stretch what you’re interested in.
  23. Take notes in books you read. Make them yours.
  24. Spend time with different kinds of people. There’s something good in almost everyone. Let their goodness rub off on you.
  25. Sit outside when it’s warm outside and watch the stars. There’s magic in them.
  26. Do things that are scary. If your best friend invites you cliff jumping, go. Adventure makes you feel alive.
  27. Stop romanticizing someone who broke you.
  28. Volunteer. It is so good for the soul.
  29. Stop wasting time thinking about people who never think of you.
  30. If you don’t like something, don’t do it. If all of your friends are going to a party but you want to stay home and read, stay home and read.
  31. Social anxiety is okay.
  32. Treat yourself occasionally. But not so much that you run out of money.
  33. Meet your neighbors.
  34. Be a good friend. Ask how someone is doing and actually listen.
  35. Ride a motorcycle.
  36. Be careful who you share your secrets with. Even the dearest friends will break your heart.
  37. But don’t grow bitter from betrayal. You will learn from your mistakes. You will only share with people you can trust. Don’t let those who fail you make you think everyone will fail you.
  38. Give second chances. I’m not sure about third or fourth.
  39. People can be unbelievably cruel. Be kind still.
  40. Cry for your friends when they’re going through a hard time. Grow in compassion.
  41. Forgive.
  42. Good people don’t make fun. Good people don’t make you feel sad. Good people are fun and easy to spend time with. If you don’t feel comfortable, leave.
  43. Always have ginger ale and crackers in the house in case someone gets sick.
  44. Leave your phone in another room.
  45. Spend time with new people.
  46. Understand that you’ll never be liked by everyone. Be confident and proud in who you are.
  47. Don’t hold hands with someone you don’t like. Just because he bought you flowers and took you on an adventure doesn’t mean you owe him anything.
  48. Forgive the people that continually hurt you and treat you badly. But forgiveness doesn’t always mean letting them back in. It sometimes means letting them go well.
  49. Have gamenights and cook dinner with your friends and watch movies.
  50. Carve pumpkins in the fall and make snow angels in the winter.
  51. Accept the flaws in others as they also accept yours.
  52. Don’t put all your worth in someone else. They will let you down. And it’s not their fault. Humans aren’t the best caretakers sometimes.
  53. It isn’t your fault if someone doesn’t want you. Work on yourself but don’t let his words destroy you.
  54. It was real. It’s over and you’re over it but it was real.
  55. Just because someone changes their mind doesn’t mean everything they told you was a lie. Don’t stop trusting people because someone betrayed you.
  56. You’re not broken.
  57. Surround yourself with encouraging people.
  58. Stop being so sarcastic.
  59. Be careful who you share your thoughts and secrets with.
  60. Don’t let bitterness grow in your heart, even if it is warranted.
  61. Learn to hold your tongue, even if you try to sound kind, try not to offend others.
  62. Apologize even if you know you’re right. Relationships require grace.
  63. Just because he’s your best friend doesn’t mean he should be your lover.
  64. It’s okay if you don’t love him. But when you realize this, leave.
  65. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.
  66. But it’s also so important to think of others. Everyone is hurting just as much as you. Care for them the way you would want them to care for you.
  67. When you least expect it, small kindnesses will be shown to you. Appreciate those moments.
  68. Sit outside with a book when the sun is out.
  69. Pray for those you love.
  70. And pray for those who have hurt you.
  71. Also pray for those who are hurting who you’ll never meet.
  72. Thank those who support you, whether its financial or emotional, we all have someone who is rooting for us. Appreciate that.
  73. You don’t need validation.
  74. Your value is not in the opinions of a man.
  75. Nor is it in the opinions of anyone else.
  76. Go to festivals.
  77. Ask your friends what their favorite books are. Give them a try.
  78. Keep a journal. Write down every thought that comes into your mind. Make lists. Collect quotes.
  79. You matter.
  80. Stop being so scared of everything.
  81. Listen when someone speaks to you. Set your phone down and listen.
  82. Vote.
  83. Pay attention to the way people treat others.
  84. Don’t laugh at dirty jokes.
  85. Have bonfires. Tell scary stories. Eat marshmallows.
  86. Listen to all kinds of music.
  87. Stop worrying about everything. You will never be this young again. Enjoy these moments.
  88. It’s okay that you have no plan. The Lord has one and it would trump yours anyway.
  89. Invite strangers over. It’s a lot easier to make friends than you imagine.
  90. You don’t need a man to have value.
  91. Drink juice out of carved pineapples at festivals.
  92. Be kinder today than you were yesterday.
  93. Paint window panes.
  94. Travel if the opportunity presents itself.
  95. Read different genres of books.
  96. Remember how it feels to be in love and don’t settle for less.
  97. Cut your own hair. Save some money.
  98. Wear your retainer.
  99. Don’t hold onto money so tightly.
  100. Be generous.
  101. Don’t live for others.
  102. Be wreckless sometimes. Not every step of your life should be formulated and planned. Make mistakes. If you want to kiss him, kiss him. It won’t last but memories can.
  103. Stop being so judgmental.
  104. Don’t assume.
  105. Don’t share others’ secrets.
  106. Pray for those who have lost their children. Life is shorter than you can imagine.
  107. Drink wine. Get tipsy. Break the rules from time to time.
  108. Don’t kiss him to feel something. Kiss him because you feel something.
  109. Try new things.
  110. Complement everyone.
  111. Be kind to waiters. And tip well.
  112. Find new music.
  113. Encourage the person you’re dating. If you can’t, don’t date them.
  114. Sometimes you realize that your best friend isn’t your best friend anymore. She doesn’t ask how your presentation went, even though she knows how nervous you were. She doesn’t talk to you like she used to. She’s distant. Accept it. Don’t be angry that things are different. Change is your constant companion. And even when things that were supposed to always be good suddenly aren’t, let it be.
  115. Look for the best in people.