You are no more than a child!
You’re too young.
You’re damaged, hopeless and lost.
Their words echo as you reply with glassy eyes
And polite smile
And know that you’re broken

Your heart is broken
Directionless and lost
Closing your tired eyes
You’ve chosen to keep the child
Of course you’re too young
But this is right and you choose to smile

And now, to see her toothless smile
To look into her perfect eyes
So small and young
To think that before this child
You thought yourself so broken
Hopeless and lost

Now the only thing lost
Is this giggling child
As you play like you’re both young
Hiding and seeking with smiles
No longer broken
Light again in your eyes

And one day she’ll come home with blood-shot eyes
Because a boy made her feel broken
And she’ll feel completely lost
And you won’t be able to help but smile
You’ll pick up the pieces of your child
Holding her as you did when she was young

And you remember being young
Feeling like a child
Believing you would always be lost
That you would always be broken
But seeing with new eyes
You can finally smile

Once a child, far too young
Lost with tear-filled eyes
You smile and are no longer broken