loving you

the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles
and his arm around you as he rubs your shoulder
it’s falling asleep on the couch to old game shows
and visiting his grandma
it’s inside jokes
and long train rides
it’s swimming in freezing lake water
and getting sunburns
it’s making plans
and imagining a future
it’s his dimples
the way his hands overtake yours
and how he holds you tightly
it’s his warm skin
and knowing he’s all you want
it’s the quiet moments where words aren’t necessary
it’s sitting in cars
and riding ferris wheels
it’s exploring in the snow
and rolling down hills
it’s laying your head on his lap
while he rubs your hair
it’s art galleries
and museums
the first time he cries in front of you
or you meet his family
when he kisses your forehead
and squeezes you tightly
it’s him showing you off
and making you blush
it’s coffee dates
it’s no makeup
and ponytails
it’s him squeezing your hips
and him grabbing your hair
three am texts
it’s him stopping by after work
and goodnight kisses
it’s getting snowed in
and forgetting to shave
the look he gives before he kisses you
it’s the smile when you look up at him
and cuddling on his couch
it’s going to thrift shops
and him asking your opinion on clothes
it’s the mix cd’s
and the handwritten letters
when you still have fights but learn to move on
constantly learning new things about each other
but knowing each other’s same old jokes
when you look at him one night and realize there is so much more to learn
it’s falling asleep on the couch
and feeling his breath on the back of your neck


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