being female

be classy but not dull
dress feminine but don’t be too girly
look nice but don’t try too hard
laugh but not too loudly
be unique but not weird
be kind but not a pushover
be mysterious but not closed off
know how to keep a man’s attention but don’t be a slut
be smart but know a know-it-all
be interesting but not obnoxious
be sensitive but don’t let it show
be sensual but not provocative
entice men but don’t give them anything
you can say no to a man but always be prepared to give a reason
a kiss is just a kiss unless he wants more
saying no doesn’t always translate well
express yourself but know it’s probably not worth sharing
know you’re special but not all that important
have your own ideas but don’t share them
go to parties but don’t be a party girl
be social even if you want to stay home
introverted is okay but don’t spend all of your time alone or they’ll think you’re weird
trust men but know they’ll probably hurt you
smile at other girls even if you hate them
learn how to talk about someone without them finding out
understand that if a girl smiles at you she’s judging you
be experienced but don’t be a whore
be innocent but don’t be a prude
have adventure! but be wise with your money
try new things! but don’t make mistakes you’ll regret
try different things but be good at everything
nobody’s perfect! but make sure you make others think you are
don’t sound too feminine but don’t be too butch
fall in love but be realistic
be close to your family but not clingy
it’s okay to be single but a boyfriend is expected
you’re young, don’t tie yourself down! but be married with kids by 25
it’s okay if you don’t have it figured out! but you need to have a plan by high school graduation
be free, explore the world but be stable and self-sufficient
be smart but never smarter than the man

you will be sexual oxen and then judged for being too sexual

take care of yourself, no one else will