I’ve written a hundred verses about you
About the hands that piece me back together when I’m broken
The eyes so full of sadness that still love me
The laugh that shakes our home when the family is all together
And how when you hold me, the world is right for that moment
But are these words true anymore?
Do they still carry the same weight?
Our conversations now are filled with cutting remarks and jabs
Arguments and disagreements ending in silence
You say that I’m a silly girl
You speak cruelly about me
Making every word I say irrelevant
because they doesn’t agree with your opinions
You’re so convinced the world is black and white
You’re stubborn and tired of the ridiculous cries for tolerance from the youth of today
You make me feel stupid and useless as you continue to ridicule my way of thinking
Because nothing will ever be right unless it agrees with you
I don’t recognize you anymore and I’m doubting all the words I’ve written about you over the years
How would you feel if you knew this?
Would anything change?
Would you treat me differently?
Would you care that you make me feel like a stupid child?
Or would you just shake your head and mutter that I’m being ridiculous

I don’t know how to speak to you anymore and I’m glad I’m leaving here tomorrow