sweet, sweet Jesus

I’m realizing that it is so true that the Lord cares for the birds in the trees. I think it is literal but I’m seeing that it also means that he cares for the smallest things, things that may be forgotten about or may not seem as important. He cares for the little hurts in our hearts, the things we carry so close to us and no one knows about. He cares for every piece of us, not just the overarching, major moments that define us. He cares for every little bit, every tiny section of us. My heart has been hurting over a boy who broke it months ago. And I was okay. Life moves on. But it can still hurt and the Lord saw my pain and he said, ‘I care. And I will heal that. I will take care of that thing that no one else realizes. I will hold you even when the struggles don’t seem as big as those of others. I care. I always care.’ I am so thankful for a Lord that always cares.